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Art Issues in Detail

CALB addresses those issues of advocacy that affect artists’ ability to focus on their art or restrains an artist’s ability to practice their art. We partner with Arts for LA, the California Arts Council, California Alliance for the Arts and others to advance issues important to the Arts community.


Legal Issues in the Arts
We are pleased to partner with legal experts through California Lawyers in the Arts (www.callawyersforthearts.org), who can help artists address a variety of legal issues.  Services are provided pro bono for artists who meet income requirements.

Current Issues in the Arts:

Limited public funding for the Long Beach Council for the Arts

Lack of recognition for the economic value the Arts provide to Long Beach, CA

Lack of support for Artists to perform or practice their art in public spaces

Lack of access to Art programs in low-income neighborhoods

Inequities of arts funding distribution to artists of color

Lack of affordable studio space for artists